Mini-Task — Time Out, Time In.

During one of our sessions we were set a mini task of redesigning editorial magazine covers in the theme of ‘All Hallow’s Eve’.

My response to the mini-task for Time Out/In Magazine.

Once I quickly searched ‘Time Out Magazine’ and their version of ‘Time In’ I gathered they promote such things such as music, theatre, film, art and food around London, which is a direct quote I had taken from their site.

My direction for the cover was the idea of spending Halloween at the comfort of your own home, streaming the classics of spooky seasons thrilling movies. The image itself was secondary and I had edited it to grayscale with the ‘noise’ filter on Photoshop for an affective, classical effect. The blood dripping from the titles’ line was also a secondary image that I had edited to be darker than the reds already being used in the magazine for differentiation and dynamic almost. Though my design for the magazine is very simple, I think it communicates the message clearly without being overwhelming, with good use and understanding of grayscale (black and white) against red.

With little time to complete the mini-task I took it simply but the benefit of this was that it tested my understanding of typical and appropriate cover layouts and it also tested our timing. In honesty, I had pretty much designed this cover in about thirty minutes during a lunch-break but in no means rushed as I quite liked the outcome. Of course, I could play with this mini-task a bit more and I really hope to come back to it at some point and take an illustrative route for the cover, hopefully. I also enjoyed seeing others’ work and seeing their responses to the task, the ‘Share Space’ always motivates and inspires me further.

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