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Nov 16, 2020

2 min read

Introduction of D&AD Brief.

Alongside the editorial brief we are expected to work on our chosen brief from the D&AD ‘New Blood’.

D&AD (Design and Art Direction) is a British educational organisation created in 1962 to find and promote design and advertising. It is famously known for it’s annual awards known as the ‘D&AD Pencils’ which consist of:

  • Wood Pencil represents the best in advertising and design from the year.
  • Graphite Pencil is awarded to stand-out work, beautifully executed with an original and inspiring idea at its core.
  • Yellow Pencil, awarded only to the most outstanding work that achieves true creative excellence.
  • Black Pencil is the ultimate creative accolade, reserved for work that is ground-breaking in its field.
  • White Pencil is reserved for exceptional and game-changing projects that have resulted in significant impact.

Out of the choice of twenty-one amazing briefs for big, universally known and loved brands, for myself, I had been drawn to Refinery29 and the Spotify Design briefs — mainly because of the topics to consider and design for.

Refinery29, ‘lets talk about menopause’ I felt I could relate and design as a woman and it’d be an educating, informative and personal approach to take. Whilst for Spotify, ‘soundtrack their lives’ I also felt connected and drawn to since I absolutely love music, you’ll never catch me not listening to music! For such a popular and highly acclaimed music platform which I am an avid user myself, I thought it’d be an interesting and different direction for me.

As suggested by the tutors, I had downloaded the briefs and really digested them, considering what would be both fun and challenging yet sensible since I have few weeks to complete the brief. Understanding Refinery29 requires me to research and understand menopause and to design in a way that doesn’t just represent the stereotypes but to consider those who are transgender and/or non-binary etc. Spotify require a digital based design and concept that makes their software more engaging, though a direction that is completely different for me — I am highly considering the latter option as of now.

The short task was to read then re-read the briefs we were interested in and begin by brainstorming sixteen words that stand out and are associated in the brief, then to cut these down in the end to two words which would act as our big idea, single minded proposition. In the end with consideration of what the actual briefs ask of me, for Refinery29: awareness and physical/mental health and then for Spotify: discovery and connect.