Introducing Motion Design, Approaching Submissions and Ideation.

In terms of the D&AD briefs, they all shared the same types of submission in common, that being either a two-minute video presentation or an eight-slides PDF submission. Tutor, Jonny (surname) explored with us how a video presentation could be more useful in visually communicating the project and in general, a lot more appealing and engaging than PDF’s.

They had taken us through three brilliant projects submitted to D&AD by former students that were all executed differently by taking various takes on motion design, such as stop motion etc. All submissions had recorded a voice-over for their presentations to communicate their message — also noting the importance in language and tone of voice, and how it’d be smart to script what you’d communicate concisely and effectively in two-minutes.

Stages that go into motion design:

  • pre-production stage: story-boarding, planning and sound/visual sourcing.
  • production stage: voice-over recording, filming, development of assets and taking it into a software.
  • post-production stage: editing, motion work and colour grading.

We were also made to look closely into story-boarding as an ideation technique that both allows you to quickly visualise and comment on ideas. I had applied this task for both my editorial brief and then used it later for the upcoming D&AD brief. Below is my story-board task for Womanish magazine:

In the end, Jonny’s presentation and advice had made me really consider submitting a motion video for the brief as it’d be fitting and very communicative for my chosen brief (Refinery29’s menopause) and what it requires of me which is essentially a campaign/advertising.

The next mini-task was then to start generating initial ideas towards the D&AD brief that we have to tackle alongside completing the editorial brief. As ever, this task was helpful in beginning to really think about this brief and the ideation technique approach was Crazy Eight, eight ideas in eight minutes. With consideration of the first ever short task which was to deduce the brief into three words, below are the early ideas I had come up with:

[update: ??\??\??] Here is my story-boarding for Refinery29 — Menopause:

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