suki studio

Oct 15, 2020

1 min read

Consideration of Other Ideas.

Despite Eka being quite certain in wanting their frozen mixtures to be stored and sold in sustainable kraft tubs, whilst conducting research on packaging I had considered possible other options Hetty’s could explore but quickly ruled these out after much thought.

Lupaa Mug Cake designed by Sergio Laskin — pictures sourced from Behance.

Above is a similar product to Hetty’s in the sense that they are both ready-made cake mixtures however, very different as this is not a frozen product.

I had imagined that frozen desserts could possibly work in pouches such as these and it would be interesting to explore a different concept to what was suggested, however, I quickly ruled this idea out as, if we had to compare practicality and what packaging form would make more sense between a typically used for ice-cream sustainable tub verses some sort of unethical polyethene packaging, I choose the former. Regardless, in terms of design, this was a lovely project to come across as I really loved the colour-palette, font choices and the abstract/textured visuals. It is a very contemporary design which I imagine to attract young adults/adolescents.